Eco packaging solutions for your business

At IPS Packaging, we listen to the environmental concerns of our customers and deliver sustainable, eco-friendly, packaging solutions that can improve your brand image without compromising the integrity of your products.
grip seal bags

Biodegradable Bio Grip Seals

Biodegradable grip seal bags are also known as gripper bags, or mini-grip bags – a popular type of reusable self-sealing bag

Eco-packaging, eco packaging, biodegradable

Recycled Plastic eCommerce Packaging

Green mailing bags made from 100% recycled material and biodegradable. The peel ‘n seal lip is printed with a ‘sender’ label and a safety warning notice.

mailing bags, bio packaging, biodegradable packaging

Biodegradable Mailing Bags

A range of clear and blue high-strength eco-friendly mailing bags that will biodegrade as industrial compost.

Eco-packaging, eco packaging, biodegradable, carrier bags

Biodegradable Carrier Bags

White vest carrier bags 100% degradable. Trusted by business nationwide.

Eco-packaging, eco packaging, biodegradable

Packing Bags

Bio multilingual peel and seal safety bag with perforations and printed warning notice. Conforms to Amazon guidelines. Languages included: French, German, Turkish, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Portugese and Russian.

refuse bags biodegradable

Waste & Refuse Bags

Range of eco-friendly bin liners, refuse sacks and composting bags that reduce the impact on the environment while getting the job done. Easy to use, eco-friendly and available in a range of sizes, these bags are ideal for landfill disposal or composting as they are completely biodegradable when buried or put in prolonged contact with soil.

clear packing bags

Packing Bags

Clear packing bags manufactured from recycled material and help protect your products whilst having a lower environmental impact. By re-using and then recycling polythene packaging, both waste and the use of raw materials can be reduced; this also cuts greenhouse gas emissions and helps to promote the fully recyclable economy philosophy.
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